Hi, I am a photographer and graphic designer born in Prague, now based on the south coast of England with my husband and two daughters.
Even though my degree lays in graphic design which is what I do, I always had a passion for photography. During my studies I attended many lectures and courses to learn how to capture beautiful images with my then basic DSLR camera, so I did know how to take photos even back then using tools I had. I learned how to work with light and how to use different lenses to my advantage. After I had my firstborn I started photographing more than designing as it was a bit more flexible. Now both of my kids are a bit older I do design and photography simultaneously and I love doing both.
Here you can find images from my recent photoshoots. I use natural light to my advantage and I try to take natural "non-posed" posed photos :) I do weddings too, so if you feel like my photography style is what you like, please get in touch! 
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